120 Fleet Street

London, UK

Year: 2021

Client: BIG

And here we are, with the very first, very own London-based project for the London branch of BIG. (Technically, the first one to be built in London, UK is Google HQ, but that was a collaboration between BIG and Heatherwick Studio).

The project sits neatly tucked behind the original and iconic (being renovated but kept very much the same in terms of the exterior) Daily Express Building. The provenance of the location is unquestionable, yet the design does an amazing job at almost concealing the new-built (and a much larger 20-storey height) part. The smooth features and the curvature of the facade trick the eye as to always push it further and further on as you look at the building.



What about the BIM experience? The project is based in London and the design team is made out of seasoned UK companies. BIM has been part of the way we deliver projects for a while now and with that, the process of establishing and agreeing on core BIM principles was not difficult at all. ISO 19650 is definitely the norm in our neck of the woods now making decisions easy.

The project was kicked off with a gorgeous survey done by Point 2. As the Dailing Express Building is an existing iconic structure with great historical value, the fidelity of the survey was paramount in this case. The rest of the team was made out of established names like AKT II, ChapmanBDSP, Alinea, most of which I have worked with a couple of times now and would gladly repeat.




Services provided: IM, Model Creation, Family Creation, Over-the-shoulder Support, BIM Coordination