Google HQ London

London, UK

BIM Management

Year: 2017

Client: Google HQ London

650 000 sq.ft. headquarters of Google in London spans over 9 storeys of Office, Retail, and Public Space. The ground floor promenade adjacent to the German Gymnasium is a permeable public space accessible from the pedestrian level. Besides providing plenty of office space, the building harbors multiple sports facilities for its workers – basketball court, swimming pool as well as running track on the rooftop level.

A one-of-a-kind opportunity, this project posed many challenges during the design phase, the key component being communication between the multitude of moving parts. Choosing BIM from the getgo paid off in creating an easier collaborative environment and providing a focal point for ongoing discussions, reviews, and analysis.


The project is a collaboration between BIG and Heathwick, and BDP as the executive architect.

Services provided: BIM Coordination until Stage 5. (BIG/Heathewrick become ‘design guardians’ post Stage 5 with no BIM capacity)