Why BIM? We are here to give you the best of both worlds – all the knowledge that you need when you need it. No long-term overruns all the while keeping the expertise for yourself – we can train your team on the go. We are passionate about sharing our skills with those who are […]

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East Tower Berlin

East Tower Berlin (ETB) aims to break the mold with a meta-modern approach that combines the best of the modern rigor and the sculptural strength of the post-modern icon. A vertical stack of five masses, each with the proportion of the surrounding city blocks, shifted vertically in order to create a potential connection between all […]

BIM Strategist

Join Archilizer. As one of the world’s leading BIM Consultancies, we are an award-winning business intelligence company with some very well-known clients. Archilizer is a computational BIM consultancy that is democratizing the use of computer intelligence in Architecture and influencing the way Architectural practices deliver work. We are helping a number of companies, from startups […]

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Software Development

Development The Best TeachersFor The Best Students. Give Us A Call. Anything that you do for more than a few times can and should be automated. Work smart – not hard. Computational Design is something that we like and do. When we speak about computation in architecture, however, we sometimes forget that programming, coding, scripting […]


Training The Best TeachersFor The Best Students. Give Us A Call. We understand that all our customers are unique and we tailor our approach to acknowledge that. We’d love to meet you and discuss your background, the scope of your work and your ambitions. We strive to make our services as personalized as possible. We […]

BIM Management

BIM Management The Best TeachersFor The Best Students. Give Us A Call. With micro and small architectural studios in mind, our BIM Management service revolves around bringing you the latest industry standards in a sustainable and affordable fashion. As the author William Gibson said: “The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly […]


News We won the ‘Most Innovative Training Provider’ at this year Building Innovation Awards!           Previous Next Our Services BIM Management We are uniquely equipped to slot in and out of your existing workflow, adapting it to the set of BIM requirements you are facing. Feel free to focus on creating […]