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Dynamo – reviving the Progress Bar

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ProgressBar in Dynamo

Aleksandr Pankin, Senior BIM manager asked me on LinkedIn if I can help him with a ProgressBar for Dynamo I have posted a long time ago. This is an old piece of code that I originally took from this article of The Building Coder. The free .dll has been shared a while back when I was working with designtech. Since I no longer work there and designtech no longer exists, the piece of code has been lost. Here, I have collected the pieces back together as these are still useful to people out there.


The implementation of the ProgressBar is quite simple. You can find a sample code below. The tricky part is adding a reference to the .dll. IronPython messed up the old way of referencing, so that has now changed to ‘clr.AddReferenceToFileAndPath()’. 

# @didonenov
# Load the Python Standard and DesignScript Libraries
import sys
import clr
from Autodesk.DesignScript.Geometry import *

# Add reference to the ProgressBar.dll 
path = IN[0]
#clr.AddReference(path) # old format
from AdnRme import ProgressForm

rooms = IN[1]
result = []
iterations = len(rooms)	#T his is the counter for the ProgessBar

# Implementation
def Main():
	with ProgressForm('Message you want to display', 
'Processing {0} elements ...', iterations) as form:
		for room in rooms:
			if form.getAbortFlag():	# The user can Cancel the long process
				return 'Aborted by user.\n(Freeze/Run/Unfreeze node to proceed)'

message = Main()

# If we failed to run the process, report
if message:
	OUT = message
	OUT = 'Successfully populated %s elements' % str(iterations)
OUT = 0


The links provided below are from GitHub. I hope that source stays alive longer this time around.

You can download the ProgressBar.dll and a sample Dynamo definition from GitHub

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