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Pie Chart for Autodesk® Revit® Warnings. Allows you to assess Project Warnings visualizing their impact through an easy to read interactive Pie Chart.

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Product Description

Warchart stands for Warnings (Pie) Chart. Warchart is a visual interactive tool that helps you navigate, isolate and ultimately eliminate Autodesk® Revit® Warnings. The real-time update of the chart will follow your progress and give you immediate feedback.

The color scheme is optimized for color blind readers, though, please let us know if you have trouble working with the default shades.

Tackling Warnings has never been more enjoyable!

You can download Warchart from its official Autodesk App Store link.


  1. Start Warchart from Archilizer Tab on the Ribbon
  2. Select all the elements associated with certain Warning directly from the Pie Chart
  3. Focus on the elements in a 3D View by using the Selection Box (BX) command found under Modify/View
  4. Isolate only the affected elements using the Temporary Hide/Isolate – Isolate Elements (HI) command
  5. Clean up as many Warnings as possible and Reset Temporary Hide/Isoalte (RH) the view when you are done

Product Features

Revit Version 2018, 2019
Release Date August, 2018
Features Clear Revit Warnings, Project Maintenance