Lusail Stadium

Doha, Qatar

Document Creation

Year: 2018

Client: Designtech

As part of this job, we had to create two independent computational workflows. The first task was a complex geometry creation. The client needed a documentable extract for the script running along the top of the stadium bowl. The initial geometry was created in Rhino, but due to changes in the radii of the double ellipses that make the top-most part of the geometry, we had to recreate everything from scratch and in native Revit form. We used a  fairly complicated parametric family to represent the repetitive Arabic phrase (3 phrases that would shrink or grow depending on their location along the curvature). After successfully following the rule-based brief that we were given, we were able to subsequently document each word along the circumference of the bowl.

The second task involved automated signage creation. Another set of directives was issued by the client, which enabled us to create a bespoke Dynamo routine based on room identification and geometry analysis. The distribution of 10000+ sign instances of 40+ typologies took between 2-3 days in total, including writing code, running the scripts and quality control.

The project was done with designtech.

Services provided: Complex Geometry Creation and Documentation, Bespoke Dynamo Workflows