Archilizer visited an exciting event in the end of April – the launch of a new group that unites legal professionals and technical BIM experts – BIM4Legal.

The group was born from an interesting peace of research – The Winfield Rock Report, commissioned by the BIM Alliance. We loved the spirit of the event. The message that seem to really hit the room was “Everybody thinks that everyone else knows BIM much better than them, but really we all have serious gaps in our expertise and we should ask more questions.”

The main perspective of the report is legal, however, Sarah Rock, one of the authors is also a qualified CAD engineer. Contractual documents can really impact the design process – after all we are all working for deliverable and that is where they are defined. More than anything the BIM process is about collaboration and that wide involvement of all consultants, and we have all experienced the difficulties when it turns out that Mr A and Ms B have entirely avoided to agree to that real time collaboration in their contracts.

Here at Archilizer we have seen BEPs and BIM Protocols of all shapes and sizes and we see beauty in all of them, but we also have strong opinions on what can make them better. The discussion about weather the BEP should be a contractual document was alive and kicking that night.

We highly recommend you should check out the Winfield Rock Report.

Two years since its incorporation, Archilizer has now grown and has an established client base – ready to double its size.

First, we put out heads together with some professional helpers to establish a new logo for Archilizer. We wanted our logo to be practical and minimalist and to relate to our clients in a familiar way, but most of all we were looking for something to reflect one of the main pillars of our work ethic – efficiency – we are not clickers, we are thinkers – we think up and forward!

With the new logo we felt ready to refresh our website. We wanted to choose a subtle colour scheme that can easily blend with our client’s needs, but also has a rebellious side that can be pulled out when in need of some flair. That is how we chose a set of cool greys and then kept some tangerine and sunflower oranges in our back pocket.

And last but by no means least, we are exited to introduce Katya Veleva – Archilizer’s first full-time employee. Katya hit the ground running in the start of April and has brought new experience and plenty of enthusiasm to the office. You can read more about Katya here.

Welcome to a new chapter for Archilizer.